IEEE PAPER summary and critique.

IEEE PAPER summary and critique.

1) Prepare and submit a summary of the contents of the paper you have chosen in the first part of this project.

2) The submission should be written in IEEE Proceedings Manuscripts style: two columns, single-spaced. You may find a template file at URL: It should not be more than 3 pages long (including references and figures) and should follow Term Research Project Report Guidelines organization laid out the course outline

3) In your report pay special attention to the “Conclusion” and/or “Recommendation” sections of your paper, as your ability to independently analyze and critique the paper will form a major part of the evaluation. Ensure that you have at least one or two paragraphs that gives your independent opinion on the contents of the paper.

4) Copying the sentences in your chosen paper verbatim into your summary is plagiarism. Ensure that you write your summary using your own words.

5) Your submission will be judged based on the following criteria:




Technical Depth


6) Your final submission should include your summary report and the original paper that you summarized.

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