Integrated Communication Marketing

Integrated Communication Marketing

Campaign Critique (30%)

This assessment is designed for students to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Marketing Communications theories and concepts by reviewing a real campaign and, with expertise, recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the advertisement and support ur answer with marketing journals.

Need 3 strengths & 2 weaknesses

(Do not repeat the theory of strengths and weaknesses )


1. Identify the theory

2. Cite the evidence from ad

3. Explain your theory using journal (Min 1/2 to 3/4 page )


1. Identify the theory

2. Cite the problem with the advertisement

3. Explain your theory using journals (Min 1/2 to 3/4 page)

Students are also expected to develop sound recommendations, with appropriate rationale, as to how the selected company or brand should move forward with its future campaigns.

– Provide 2 recommendation

– theory apply strictly NO defination!!


1. Identify the theory

2. Propose CHANGES (Be specific) to the advertisement

3. Explain your theory using journals (Min 1/2 to 3/4 page)

Pick a company or product that has been advertised very heavily here in Perth or in your home country across a range of media.

Provide a detailed background brief – what is the product or service, what is the customer need it fulfils, and a description of the customers it serves.

Also include what you believe the communication objectives to be based on your assessment of the campaign.

– Introduction_3 things must talk about

1. Talk about the product

2. Talk about demographic (Min 3, max 5)

3. Refer to textbook (I will take photo to you later) p.127 Roy Morgan

Eg. To achieve x% of brand awareness by…

Must include “Number”, ”What is the product ”, ”Specific (dd/mm/yy)

Summaries the media being used as part of the campaign. This will include a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the media, critically present the ads (youtube URLS, other URLs, screen shots, photos, verbatim descriptions of radio ads etc) and describe what these ads have achieved. 

Write a conclusion with recommendations on how to address the weaknesses or capitalise on the existing strength of the media.


Among these 7, only choose 1


These are the theories that have to be used to explain the Strengths, weaknesses & recommendations

Academic Journals (only these Journal can be used)

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Journal of Advertising Research

Journal of Business Research

Journal of Consumer Research

Journal of Marketing

Journal of Marketing Communications

Marketing Intelligence and Planning

Psychology and Marketing

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