Introduction to Marketing Design

Introduction to Marketing Design

Module 03 Course Project – Using Visual Elements: Finding the Right Image


In this assignment, you will design a marketing campaign for an emergency rescue charity.


1. Open a blank Word document.

2. Search the web for three (3) images that show people in emergency rescue situations.

· You should look for images that best use the elements of design.

· Save each image to your desktop.

3. Place each of the 3 images on the page using the insert picture technique.


4. While still on the Insert tab, locate the Text Box button (right side of the ribbon). Click the button and select “Draw Text Box” form the menu that appears, then draw a text box beneath each of the 3 pictures you have placed on the page in your document.

5. In each of the 3 text boxes, write a short paragraph describing why you selected each image.

6. When you finish, the page should look something like this:

8. Create a second page in your document.

· This can be accomplished by either inserting a page break or by repeatedly pressing the enter key.

9. At the top of page 2, add the text “When You Need A Hand” as a headline.

· Select a font that you feel is appropriate for the message.

· Enlarge the font to fill across the top of the page.

· Change the font color to red.

10. Select one of the 3 images from Part 1 and insert it below the headline. Highlight the image and select center alignment.

11. Insert a text box below the image and in it, write a paragraph stating why this image was your final selection for this project.

· Consider these questions when composing your rationale:

· Were the colors more intense?

· Were there contrasting elements?

· Were there implied lines?

· Change the font and font color of the text.

12. Below is an example of what the finished product might look like.

13. Save your document and submit it to the drop box for grading.

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