Kim Woods – Annotated Bibliography

Kim Woods – Annotated Bibliography

NOTE: Assuming that each paragraph is 5 sentences long (standard length paragraph) and there are 5 paragraphs to a page- I based this at under 2 pages – correct?

Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography TOPIC: discriminatory behavior toward the LGBTQ community – you are currently writing paper for me on this.

Due: July 10th

Annotated Bibliography based on a topic for the Final Project: discriminatory behavior toward the LGBTQ community A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources and 5 popular open-web (peer-reviewed and credible sources; e.g., government) sources will need to be used in the bibliography.

**An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation (please do not copy and paste the abstracts). The information must be in your own words (at least 80%; no more than 20% should be quoted).

The completed assignment will include: 1) The topic that you chose: discriminatory behavior toward the LGBTQ community 2) List of search terms you used in your searches (i.e. bullying, racism in the US, etc.) 3) Annotated entries for a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed articles and 5 popular and/or open-web sources (see below for what should be included in each entry)

Each source entry should include the following: 1) APA-formatted full reference for the source

2) Brief description of the source (3-5 sentences)

3) Evaluation of where the source came from – i.e. peer-reviewed journal, website, etc. 4) Brief discussion of how the source is relevant to your topic of interest and how it is reflective of the sociological perspective (3-5 sentences)

5) Brief discussion of the source’s strengths and weaknesses (3-5 sentences)

NOTE that the peer reviewed article should have been published in a sociological peer reviewed journal. I recommend that you use the JSTOR database via the APUS Library to identify the peer reviewed article and limit your search by Sociology.

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