Kim Woods Trifold

Kim Woods Trifold

Put the title here any common font would do

Don’t forget Your name

The text + images on the rest. Make this pamphlet pretty

Remember to put a legend under each figure and the link. In the “real-world”, you would ask permission to use images copyrighted by others. Not needed here. Of course, you can always make your own images.

Put text and images in the three columns provided. Remember, while in the so-called real world the two pages I request would be printed back to back to save paper, in our digital world, which is (to me) as real as the other , you need to fill in, nicely (make it pretty) the two pages.

Second column of first page


Third column of first page

Remember, in the so-called real world, you would print in 1 page, two sided. For this class, just turn in two digital pages


First column of second page


Second column of second page

and more

Third column of second page

Put a summary or conclusions around here

Put the bibliography (at least five primary references) more or less around here. Remember to put fully referenced (= not just a link) sources around here

Hope this helps. Don’t forget to make it look pretty

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