Law – Capstone

Law – Capstone

Week 1 Discussion – MACJ-595

Instructions: Please read the assigned readings below and complete an essay review (initial post). Your review should include an introduction, a body and a conclusion.  The review should include the following: 1) a comprehensive response to the discussion question(s) below; and, (2) a brief critique of the reading.

Week 1 Discussion ____________________________________________

After reading the assigned readings:

(1) Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of course text;

(2) How to Write a Research Proposal:  A formal template for preparing a proposal research method.  Available at:


Watch the video entitled, “Thesis Writing:  PPS&Q, Writing Fluency and Overcoming procrastination.”  Available at

Watch the video entitled, “How to Write a Research Proposal?  11 Things to Include in a Thesis Proposal” that is available at

Watch the video entitled, “Thesis Planning-Research Approach/Classification.”  Available at:

· Identify and discuss the characteristics of a good thesis.  Describe and evaluate your research topic.  Please include information related to the following elements:  What is the purpose of your research?  Who is the population or sample?  What is not known about this topic?  What is your key variable/phenomena of interest?  Why is this topic important?


Oliver, P. (2013). Writing Your Thesis (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA:

Sage. ISBN: 9781446267851

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