Literature Review

Literature Review

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Begin typing your abstract paragraph here. This paragraph should not be indented. It should range between 150 and 250 words. After typing your abstract there should be a page break and the body of the paper will begin on the next page. This should be accurate, non-evaluative, readable, and concise. This is the most important single paragraph in this paper. Tell the reader what the paper will do. This paper will analyze xyz….

Keywords: APA, style, template


Type your introduction here….

Literature Review

Type your literature review here….

Research Design

Type your research design…..

Findings and Analysis

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Lastname, C. (2008). Title of the source without caps except Proper Nouns or: First word after colon. The Journal or Publication Italicized and CappedVol#(Issue#), Page numbers.

Lastname, O. (2010). Online journal using DOI or digital object identifier. Main Online Journal NameVol#(Issue#), 159-192. doi: 10.1000/182

Lastname, W. (2009). If there is no DOI use the URL of the main website referenced. Article Without DOI ReferenceVol#(Issue#), 166-212. Retrieved from

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