Literature Review Assignment Sheet

Literature Review Assignment Sheet

Project 3 drafts

All the articles I selected will relate to my subculture, which will contains both positive and negative affect among the teenagers and society. The article I selected will from the board to specific examples about how these negative and positive affect people specifically.

Article one

How are Hip Pop and Rap Music affecting Youth?

In this article, the author divided her articles to two parts. First, how hip pop affect the audiences’ sexually behavior and second, how hip pop affect teenager’s drug use. In the first part, she used the data shows relationship between Hip-Pop and sexually activity compare to the black and white. Second part of article is how Hip-Pop singer glamorizing that affects people on drugs usage between the black and white.

Article two

Impacts Of Rap Music on Youth

Both article one and two are talking about how the Hip Pop affect on youth group. However, compare to the first article that talks about the negative influence on the youth this article is about the positive side about the Hip-Pop. This article talks about five different positive affects on youth. First, unification and education in this part the author focused on that Hip Pop raise people’s social identification and Hip Pop is globalize that cross different ethnic groups different language and it may raised people’s attention on some social equity issues. Second affect is Hope, many Hip Pop singers are came from the poorest area, this may give the author has similar background hope, that one day they may can become singer or go through what their struggles. Third positive affect is Social Awareness; this part is a little bit similar like first part that brought up the people’s attention about the social identity.

I am still working on find the rest of the articles because I think these two articles concluded most the point I view about Hip Pop but I did not decide what rest I want.

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