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Roberta Ayala

Jun 26, 2018Jun 26 at 12pm

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I have been looking for a new job like crazy. I have mostly been searching for local and state government jobs because as I have worked in many jobs in the private sector for quite some years, I have wanted something more stable, and I also like to have a purpose in my work. Being a public servant is something I feel will satisfy my needs in the work I will be doing. I do not mind being accountable to the people; I feel that it’s important to have a great sense of accountability.

Five skills that I feel I have obtained in my general education that will help me to gain new employment and will also help be successful in a new job are:

· Moral reasoning and ethics- I now feel a need to make sure the work I am doing is morally and ethically something I can feel good about. I want to be able to sleep at night.

· Communication- I feel that I have gained more confidence in my writing. Also having the opportunity to practice writing and learning more about citation will help me if I happen to get a job later in the legal field.

· Multi-culturalism and diversity- I feel that learning about multiculturalism and diversity will prepare me to work in a variety of situations.

· Digital Literacy- in the workforce can navigate computers and the confidence to ask questions if you do not know the answer is important. I feel that using computers for school and learning about digital literacy will allow me to obtain the job I want.

· Civics- I learned about political science as a general education class, but I also majored in political science. I cannot speak enough about how politics touched all aspects of our lives from

These have been the most important elements to my education, and I cannot speak enough about how they are a part of my day to day conversations. I use all of my new found knowledge to seek new information and to also look for new employment opportunities. I enjoy learning so this has been an incredible journey. Using technology and written communication are skills I use on a daily basis. With my confidence in these skills, I feel anything is possible.

I am looking forward to an interview with the attached job discretion here soon, and my goal is to use my skills to work and volunteer in my community. I am on the arts and humanities board for the city of Thornton her in Colorado where I live. I hope to serve my community in that way and to also work for the state of Colorado in the department of human services as a disability examiner soon. I am on the third step of obtaining this job.

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