Module Project

Module Project

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This week, you will start to work on your Module Project. The purpose of the Module Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems. You are expected to carry out an original analysis rather than summarise or rehash existing work. The integrated Project is designed to tie together your knowledge of financial markets and intermediaries with the study of goods and services markets. Explicit in the Project is the demonstration of how—and why—the practices of corporate finance in an organisational setting are linked to financial markets. Specifically, you must explore and demonstrate (provide evidence or examples) how the following organisational finance practices—or costs—are impacted, or mediated, by financial markets and institutions: Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of an organisation Capital structure of an organisation Working capital and access to short-term sources of cash and credit (liquidity management) Enterprise risk structure and risk-management strategy (hint: investigate enterprise risk management techniques) Valuation of an organisation—respond to how an organisation is valued in the marketplace and how readily can its ownership be transferred? What events change value, and how do financial markets impact valuation? Structure: Your Project can be a case analysis of an existing business, non-governmental organisation (NGO), or a not-for-profit organisation that has financing characteristics similar to an independent business. Alternately, the Project may be a research project that states a hypothesis, provides evidence, and draws conclusions. In all cases the aforementioned practices and the following themes must be clearly addressed in your Project: Contrast how financial practices—or costs—of organisations with access to highly developed financial markets will differ from financial practices of organisations in developing (or underdeveloped) financial markets. Demonstrate how innovation/entrepreneurship and financial practices—or costs—are impacted by the government regulation (consider short- and long-term impacts in your Project). Illustrate how financial markets are linked. Show how institutions affect the financial practices of an organisation. There are three distinct, yet highly related, products that must be turned in during the course of this module. Each product builds upon the prior product(s), and the grading standard for each subsequent product is increasingly rigorous. Week 4 Assignment: A 2-page typed proposal (1,000 word maximum) of your Module Project (due Week 8) must be turned in to your professor in Week 4. This Project Proposal will address the following topics and follow the style preference specified for your course of study. A summary of your Project—case study or a research paper. Potential sources—the Project must have at least 10 (ten) documented sources found in the University of Liverpool library with at least 5 from peer-reviewed sources (scholarly or professional journals that have editorial boards or a peer-review system). All sources must be documented in proper style. It is anticipated that in your Module Project (Week 8) there will be more than 10 sources (but they may differ from your outline submission; as you refine the project it is anticipated that the sources will change), but the key is finding the most appropriate sources (quality of source and conclusion is more important than quantity). The textbook can be one of the sources. A brief description of how financial practices—or costs—and themes will be covered by the Project. Models that will be used to highlight your findings. These models may be financial equations, diagrams that illustrate relationships, or narratives that demonstrate relationships. Models can be provided in an appendix and do not count against word count limitations. The evaluation and grade of your Project Proposal will be based on the following criteria: Relevancy of approach Comprehensive nature of how the practices and themes will be addressed Correct format and style Quality of sources Quality and maturity of thought expressed by the nature of the Project During the Project Proposal phase (Week 4), the critical result is organising the structure of the Project and receiving refining feedback from the Professor.

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