My Individual Results and Applications

My Individual Results and Applications



My Individual Results and Applications


Professor Terrence Allen Conner

Student Name

Liberty University

May 6th, 2011


I am currently employed as a customer service representative at a local bank. My daily tasks consist of processing transactions for customers, assisting customers via telephone with general bank questions, and providing them with updates of bank products that can meet their individual needs. Attention to detail is a valued trait for my position as I am expected to be completely accurate in all my transactions. My organization consists of eight tellers, two associate branch managers, and one branch manager.

Identifying your self-monitor personality

1. The purpose is to help estimate my level of self-monitoring personality.

2. 33 (A) + 35 (B) = 68

3. All of my scores were in the “High” category. I am sensitive to the expressive behavior of others and am aware of the feelings and perceptions of others. I am also highly able to modify my behavior to fit the situation or individual when needed.

4. By knowing my results of this test, I can be better prepared to adapt to my environment and each different situation that I may experience in the future. I am currently employed at a financial institution and I deal with many different types of people every day. I have to be prepared to change my presentation and personality depending on the person or people that I am dealing with. Some customers just want the straight facts with no other types of conversation, while some customers want to know every bit of information about me and the bank. By being able to adjust my personality and behavior, I can relate more to my customers and create an excellent relationship which benefits me and my organization that I work for. It also benefits the new customers because they feel more comfortable with who they are trusting their money with and will feel secure in their decision to bank with us.

I believe that having the ability to modify one’s behavior is a necessity in all aspects of life, not primarily just in business. According to the results of this assessment, I am able to follow the cues given from other people of who I am interacting with in order to meet the requirements or mood of the individual situations (McShane & Von Glinow, 2008, p. 545). Having this useful ability to read people is a great way to develop real relationships with many different types of people. It will help facilitate me to be able to further my career and to overcome everyday circumstances successfully.

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