My Program of Study

My Program of Study

I am presently enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology specializing in Cyber Security. The major courses to be taken for this course are Network and platform technologies. According to (Panigrahy (2010), the basics of networking and networks are mainly explored in this course. The other important course undertaken in this program is Cyber Forensic Investigations, which involves reporting systems to begin support investigations related to digital forensics, data loss, and general data.

Introduction to Information and Computer Science are some of the anticipated courses that could be challenging for this program (Panigrahy, 2010). Mainly, this is because there are new terminologies associated with Information Technology. The course is an introduction unit which lays a foundation for the rest of the course of the program. Course material, lecture notes provided, and readings are the primary resources that I plan to use for the program. Other resources to include are online videos and library books for the program.

To successfully undertake the program, it is necessary to have computer skills and knowledge of various computer programs that are fundamental to understanding the program (Davis & Shaw, 2013). To acquire this knowledge and skills, one can access several resources online through Google, which has the vast amount of information about any subject matter. Proper time management is essential to completing the program within the stipulated timeline as it will ensure completion of the courses and assignments on time.

Understanding how to identify assignments, rubrics and course topics and how they relate to each other will enable one to learn about the various program topics effectively. It is also essential to take the initiative to complete all the assignments on time since preparedness and self-drive are the most important takeaways.


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