Oneof the most controversial topics in the history of mankind is abortion. This is because while some people consider it a crime, some actually advocate for it claiming that people should have children by choice and not by chance. In a recent study conducted by author Michael Snyder, three thousand unborn children are killed per day in America alone. This figure makes one to question what number of unborn children are actually lost per day across the whole world in the name of abortion. While some states have illegalized the act of abortion in their constitution, other states choose not to talk about the issue or address the issue and therefore leave it open for an individual to decide over their own decisions regarding bringing a life into this world. Comment by Sarah MacDonald: Indent paragraphs Comment by Sarah MacDonald: Word choice? Comment by Sarah MacDonald: Every state has some rules

In my own perspective and view, abortion should be criminalized to reduce the number of innocent lives that are lost daily through the process. Everyone deserves a chance to live and according to my biblical opinion, life is sacred and should therefore be honored. Putting aside the biblical arguments, there are also medical perspectives that justifies why abortion should be discouraged and illegalized in every nation. For one, abortion can have some serious side effects which could be avoided by choosing to give life to an unborn child. For example, there is usually a higher chance of the occurrence of infections especially after metal instrument are inserted in a woman’s uterus. These metal instruments often cause irritation and even lead to the possibilities of leaving some parts of the unborn child in the body. Aside from that, the instruments that are usually used for the process of abortion can cause damage to the internal body parts of a woman such as the cervix or the uterus. In addition to this, in the event that the uterus is punctured during the process, there is usually a high chance that the person undergoing the process can suffer internal bleeding. Moreover, in the event that the person undergoing abortion suffers internal bleeding which is severe, or her body organs are damaged severely then they are at a very high risk of dying. (Strahan, T. W., & Elliot Institute. 2001) Comment by Sarah MacDonald: Not available or actually punished—criminalized would be punished Comment by Sarah MacDonald: What part of the paragraph is from this source?

The Global Dispatch reported that one woman named Tonya Reaves bled to death after securing an abortion. Apart from death, large number of women have reported the aftermath of abortion to be depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, drug abuse, anger, suicidal thoughts and anxiety among other side effects. A recent report by David C. Reardon reveals a case scenario where an 18 year old girl resorted to suicide after suction abortion. This is not the only case of suicidal reports that have been received pertaining to the aftermath of having abortion. This shows how much ending a life before birth not only stop at the act, but also proceeds to affect individuals health wise and psychologically. This is the more reason as to why the act of abortion should be banned and illegalized in every nation across the world. Comment by Sarah MacDonald: Remember transitions Comment by Sarah MacDonald: Proofread carefully

The New York Times previously reported that 22 states in America had actually passed seventy regulations about abortion and 12 states went ahead to banish the act of abortion past twenty weeks of pregnancy. Not only is abortion immoral but it is also dangerous and hence should be criminalized except for the circumstance where the life of the mother is in danger too. This should be the only exception that should be justified and considered, otherwise it should be completely outlawed. Comment by Sarah MacDonald: This sentence does not easily follow from the previous


Strahan, T. W., & Elliot Institute. (2001). Detrimental effects of abortion: An annotated bibliography with commentary. Place of publication not identified: Thomas W. Strahan. Comment by Sarah MacDonald: This is usually a problem in terms of credibility. A very credible source will have all the information you need to cite it


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