Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) is an agency made to protect the public and intensify the safety of the people

Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) is an agency made to protect the public and intensify the safety of the people

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Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) is an agency made to protect the public and intensify the safety of the people, promote a working environment which is safe for the staff and encourage a positive change in the behavior of the offender by fostering reentry and rehabilitation program. Funding the Oklahoma Department of Corrections would enhance the facilities and services that are offered in the various department. Oklahoma Department of Corrections should be funded to mitigate the current challenges within the institution. Even though there is the need for more funding, cutting the budget costs is possible with minimal recidivism effects.

The State of Oklahoma should fund the department because of the following tangible reasons. Firstly, in accordance to Page (2017), the directors of the ODOC Joe M. Allbaugh requested for funding of 1 billion dollars about the needs which the department had. These funds are meant for maintenance and repairs of the institution. Most of the state prisons are old and aging and this necessitates a significant repair or renovation from locks which are broken, cell doors, roofing and security cameras (Page, 2017). Another state prison requires new sewer system, repairs of the roads and efficient lighting while Jackie Brannon Correctional facilities need a water treatment plant to comply with the quality standards of the state department.

Secondly, due to the increase of the inmate population in the correction department, there is need of building other prison building to accommodate a large number of the inmate. Moreover, the needs of inmates programming have not been met. This requires funding for the teachers and program of staff treatment and required materials. Finally, there is need to pay the medical and dental care professional in better terms. Oklahoma correctional facilities are located in the rural areas thereby there is a shortage of the health care practitioners who treat the inmates. This funding will provide a competitive payroll for the mental, dental and medical healthcare professionals to offer treatment services to the inmates since the department is obligated to provide healthcare to all the inmates.

The department has been funded well over the few years despite the demand for more funding. Cutting the budget could have effects on the correctional facilities, but is necessary to maintain the state. The state needs to maintain a fiscal budget for all departments not just the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The department should allow the non-violent offender to undergo a diversion program for instance treatment and probation. These programs cans be administered on a self pace program with guidance from trained staff. This will lower the population of the prison as well as protein the society (Zoukis, 2013). The Departments offering of these educational opportunities should be set guidelines and requirements aimed at reducing time served, directed at reduction of recidivism. This mean that the inmate will be beneficial to the society.


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