Performance Work Statement (PWS)

Performance Work Statement (PWS)

2015 University of Management and Technology 1

MGT 279. Management of Major Programs

Assignment 3

Performance Work Statement (PWS)

Part 1

Performance requirements summary: Develop a performance requirements summary

for the following items, following the examples provided in Module 4. Your performance

work summaries should contain: 1) a high level requirement (outcome), 2) performance

objective, and 3) performance standard and AQL.

Item A: You are given responsibility to convert three former office rooms into training

classrooms. Each will be a plain vanilla classroom designed to accommodate 25 students.

It will not be used for computer training.

Item B: You are organizing a reception for senior executives. The CEO’s executive

secretary has indicated that the CEO would like the reception to be a dinner on a river

cruise boat. It should accommodate twenty-five senior executives and their partners. It

will be held on a weekday night. At the dinner, awards will be offered to top performing

executives for exemplary performance in the previous twelve months.

Item C: You work in your organization’s marketing department. You want an engineer

from your new product development group to write up a short one-page description of the

features of a new state-of-the art desktop digital clock that offers verbal messages

reminding you of appointments.

Part 2

Performance work statement (PWS). You will add a deck onto the back of your house.

Your adult brother and sister, who live in your neighborhood, have volunteered to work

with you on building the deck on weekends. The deck is on the ground floor of your

house. It is accessible through a sliding glass door in your downstairs family room. It

leads into your backyard garden. You obtain the deck drawings and instructions for

building a deck from You Can Build a Deck, which you picked up at your local Home


Create a performance work statement to capture key elements of the project effort

described immediately above. Use the Wright Brothers PWS example found in Module

4A as a guide to the approach you should take. Your PWS should be no longer than three


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