Policy Process Worksheet

Policy Process Worksheet

University of Phoenix

HCS 455 Healthcare Policy

Policy Process Worksheet

Week 3

1. Choose a policy to discuss, and write an overview of the policy and its background (250 words):

2. Define your assigned stage of the policy process, including the following concepts:

 What happens during this stage? Explain the stage fully (300-500 words)

 How does the stage that precedes yours impact the stage you are discussing (for example, how does formulation impact legislation)? How does the stage that comes after impact your stage (for example, how does implementation impact legislation, or how does evaluation/analysis impact implementation)? (250 words)

3. Describe how your chosen policy advanced through the stage you are discussing. Describe details. For example, if you are discussing the formulation stage, discuss what triggered the policy’s development, stakeholders that are impacted, any special interest groups involved, why the policy was important, and any data that helped to support passage of the policy. Give a detailed background and overview. (500 words) You will not be able to complete this section of your worksheet appropriately without research!


List at least three academic references. References must be listed in APA format. Include APA-formatted citations throughout your worksheet.

Denise, your worksheet was thoroughly completed. Childhood obesity is a big issue. For the policy process assignment, I recommend that you think through a specific policy related to childhood obesity, so you can discuss how this policy was passed into law. One example would be Michelle Obama’s health children policies and school lunch program. These received funding and you could discuss how the funding process was granted by Congress.

You are assigned to discuss the legislative stage of the policy process, so you will need to discuss how the policy was passed into law, how policymakers vote on the policy, the role of the President in passing a law, etc. Chapter 6 of the text has more information on this topic–make sure to use the text as a source. Please let me know if you have questions while working through the policy process I assignment.

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