Practicum One Data & Instruction Sheet

Practicum One Data & Instruction Sheet

Creating a literate learning environment in early

Practicum One Data & Instruction Sheet

childhood classrooms involves two areas; direct teacher instruction during whole class meeting times and literacy centers that support children’s exploring and working with print.

1. Analyze the student data from this sample first grade classroom beginning of the year (BOY) assessment example provided. Explain the class’ strengths and areas that are still developing.

2. Choose two instructional strategies that you would incorporate into the whole class meeting times that will meet the needs of the students in this classroom. Explain the instructional strategy fully, including how this instructional strategy will target student’s “still developing” areas.

3. Describe one literacy center that you would incorporate during Center-Time. Describe the center and how it will reinforce the literate environment and meet the instructional needs of the students in this classroom.

NOTE: See Practicum One Exemplar for an explanation of the Beginning of the Year (BOY) assessment example provided, as well as an example of the expectations for this practicum.

EC-6 Generalist

Analysis of Student Data:

Instructional Activities:



Instructional Center:

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