TOPIC: More Scholarships to Minority Groups

AUDIENCE: Administrators

GOALS: To achieve equal education to all students.

TYPE OF PROPOSITION (value, facts, policy?): Policy

PREPARATION OUTLINE (Monroe’s Motivated Sequence)

1. Attention step

· What would you feel if a student drops out of school because he or she has been denied scholarship?

· All students need equal treatment but disadvantaged students to be considered for more scholarship.

· Selective provision for scholarship to majority creates more harm to the minority, and for what?

Transition: More minority students need to benefit from this lucrative programs.

1. Need step

· According to the Board of Education in most of the districts, it has been established that about 40,000 scholarships are offered to students but only 5,000 scholarships go to the minority students. It is results in unfair treatment of other races, which lowers the standard of education among the population.

· As the administrators of the learning institutions there is need to advice the relevant to desist from providing selective scholarships to the students. Simultaneously, request for the provision of more scholarships to minority since they need scholarship more than the majority group.

Transition: since most students have suffered as a result of such policies, all is not lost.

1. Satisfaction step

· As administrators of this institution, I know you are few and your effort may not make a difference. But that does not mean you keep quiet about the issue as you watch your student suffering.

· By just advocating for at least 20,000 slots for scholarships to the minority students, it can help an extra of disadvantaged students.

Transition: The ability of bring such change is in the hands of all of us.

1. Visualization step

· It begins with just a view of one person as well as the authority to use in our voices to influence the action of the next person to assist in the advocating for this issue.

· If you become persistence in pushing for this change, it will benefit more students in the entire country.

· Kindly share your views with others about this issue by having strong beliefs that it will succeed despite the obstacles. There is the need of supporting and motivating one another in the realization of the change.

Transition: indeed, you feel much happier having knowledge that you have brought great impact on the field of education around the world.

1. Action appeal step

· I am not urging you to force the relevant authority to implement our directive. Try to give them legitimate reasons about the issue.

· Most importantly, try to get more facts how students are suffering after dropping out especially minority students. Please read many articles that are reliable which contain factual information regarding the importance of scholarship to minority students. Besides, get time to watch documentaries on what really happens to the minority students who are denied access to scholarships.

· Make choices that are helpful especially when your advice is sought about the scholarships to the minority in the campus.

· Eventually, you understand as an administrator who implements such initiatives will end up making a difference in the future of many students across the world.


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