Principles of Management

Principles of Management

Final Project

BUSN 105

Principles of Management

Multimedia Lecture Support Package to Accompany Basic Marketing

Lecture Script 6-1

This slide show will give you instructions for your Power Point presentation, and will also be somewhat of an example to follow. Adding narration is easy, and instructions will be included in the assignment folder. When you are recording, you will want to be familiar with your notes.


See the rubric in the assignment

The presentation you are now viewing will give you some guidance and a format to follow.

Look online for tips for making a great PPT.

Slides enhance a good presentation. Add photos, cartoons, and graphs; whatever will illustrate what you have to say. It’s fine to reference the slides and okay to read the text on them, but don’t read the slides word for word.


A picture says a thousand words…

Don’t use too much text!

(no text)


This is 24 pt Arial

This is 10-pt Arial

This is 24 pt Edwardian Script

This is 10 pt Edwardian Script

This is green text.

Yellow is even worse!

Point made?

Remember that if you were viewing this across a big room, like a classroom or conference room, the size and type of font you use really makes a difference! Be consistent. You want the focus on your message, not the method of presentation. Also, be careful with the gimmicky things like transitions and animations. Don’t overdo it!


Introduce your topic

Why did you choose this topic?

What did you hope to learn, or how did you hope to educate others ?

Your first slide will have a heading, and then plan the rest of your slides to flow along these lines, just like you would in any other writing: Introduction, Body, and Close. Or as they sometimes say, “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them.” That reinforces the message. By the way, you don’t need to answer these questions; it’s just a guide to help you format your thoughts.


Present your research

8-10 slides total

What did you learn?

This is the body of your work, but since the slides are there to enhance, you’ll only need 8-10 of them. If you have fewer than eight, you could lose points.


Make a good conclusion

Wrap things up

Thank your audience

This is the closing of your presentation. Did you come to any conclusions? Anything you’d like to encourage your audience to do? Any changes you hope to see from the group to whom you’ve presented?



Yep, still needed!

This slide will be an exception to the “minimal wording” rule

Copy and paste your references into the last slide. You need at least three of them.

A link (url) is not a

proper reference!

If you need help knowing how to write proper references, check out the Purdue OWL website (see the link in Session 12) or look for help at (linked on the home page of Blackboard). It’s free! If you plan ahead, they will even review any assignment you have. Free.


Don’t forget the audio!

It’s a big part of your grade

Instructions are in the Final Project folder

There is a link in the Final Project folder that will show you how to add the narration. It’s easy! When you are recording you’ll want to be in a quiet place, and be familiar with your notes.


Last but not least…

Look at the rubric included in the assignment

See assignment for more details

Turn something in!

That’s it! Power can be fun to play with, and there’s always the “undo” button, so you can hardly go wrong! Try out different designs if you have time, or just choose one and work from there. Have fun and if you need any help, check out the tutoring center, or contact your instructor.


For further help…

Please contact your instructor or the tutoring center for help with your presentation.

My presentation doesn’t need references, but yours will go at the end. Don’t forget to include the references! I’d suggest writing them in Word, and then copying and pasting onto the final slide.


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