Prof Double R

Prof Double R

· Select a specific product or service that you consume on a regular basis and buy such as music, movies (in theater or purchased), streaming video, books, or clothing. Using Figure 4.4 on the bottom of the page: identify your generational cohort

Research and explain the buying habits of your cohort in general for this type of product or service.

· Compare and contrast your own personal habits and analyze why yours are the same or different. Consider:

· Where you get information when making a buying decision

· What sources are credible to you

· Whether you buy online or in-store or use a combination to make a decision

· Your preferred buying method

· Discuss what marketing communication methods are most effective for you when you are looking to buy your identified product/service and explain why. Show at least one example.

Discuss how the marketer has integrated that marketing communication with their other activities such as TV, print, online advertising.

· Use a minimum of four references which should be listed on your final reference slide. Also if images are used, the course of the image should be noted under the image. Source: ______

· Full reference information should be included for all images on the reference page. Image references do NOT count for the minimum of three images.

image1.png image2 image3

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