professional and expertised marketing paper need, with tips.

professional and expertised marketing paper need, with tips.

which means it needs to be done with expertise in marketing field, and with NO FREEWRITINGS. The deal is that I will pay only $5 for the paper, but if you give me a VERY satisfied work, I will pay another $40-$50 tips depends. That is, please do not contact me if you do not have faith in your PROFESSIONAL work.


1. Find four PRINT advertisements (pick four ads with the four different execution styles) and answer the following questions (50 Points):

a. What type of advertisement it is, that is, institutional or product (also tell me what subcategory of the two major categories the ads belong to)?

b. What type of execution style was used? Was this an appropriate execution style given theĀ product/service, media and the target market? (In your answer address each factor fully and carefully).

2. Find one example of Product Publicity (Must be different from the ads you selected to answer the first question) and describe how the publicity was positive or negative. You can select any news story, event, whatever you think it is to talk about the publicity example. (20 Points)

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