Project 2 Essay

Project 2 Essay

In this an informative genre article writing we are going to look into details about the gaming especially about the computer game –league of legends. We are going to look and consider the reasons why most of the people are actually getting involved into such games and at the end of the day is there any benefit that these people who get involved in such computer games get. We shall also look at the other side effects of these games if there are some of the effects that they cause to the people who are involved in computer games and specifically in computer game-league of legends. Computer games are online games which are played by the use of the internet. These games are majorly placed on the internet where people can actually access them every day (Donaldson, 2017).

If you’re great at playing games, you may likewise be great at everything else. That is as per another examination that discovered two of the world’s most mainstream computer games act like IQ tests. The individuals who are the best at them additionally get the most noteworthy scores on conventional insight tests, recommending that computer games may really make you more intelligent. The two games – League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients consolidate key reasoning with brisk responses, thus could both reward and prepare up specific sorts of reasoning. That appeared to be affirmed by the examination, which thought about individuals’ levels of ability in the amusements with their IQ. The better individuals were at playing, the more their insight score, it found (Kou, GUI & Kow, 2016).

Our exploration would propose that your execution in these recreations can be a measure of knowledge. Research in the past has indicated that individuals who are great at procedure games, for example, chess tend to score profoundly at IQ tests. Our examination has stretched out this to amusements that a great many individuals over the planet play each day. Class of Legends and DOTA 2 are both Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas and Mobas, activity technique war diversions commonly including two contradicting groups of five people. In one examination, the York group coordinated execution in League of Legends with scores from standard pen-and-paper insight tests. Another piece of the examination dissected information from substantial gatherings of thousands of individuals playing these computer games (Donaldson, 2017).

The specialists found that First Person Shooter amusements in which players see the activity through the eyes of characters they control did not exhibit a similar connection with IQ. Therefore we have realized that games which need a lot of speed and accuracy in playing them are giving the individuals the ability to make strategic decisions which helps in high IQ hence leads to intelligence (North, Sahin, Daniel & Tamo, 2017).

The research has also shown that most of the people who are playing these computer games are likely to benefit because their IQ becomes high hence they gain intelligence as compared to those who are not playing such games. These games are mostly played by the males according to the research that has been carried out. Men tend to involve themselves in most of the games because they always want to become much accurate in their decisions (Rehbein, Staudt, Hanslmaier & Kliem, 2016).

The game has also some of the health benefits, for instance, we have realized that league of legend helps surgeons who are playing this particular game because it has been realized that these surgeons perform their operation at the rate of 27% faster and 37% fewer errors. Another benefit of the game is that it helps to relieve stress especially when one is from work and you feel you’re tired it is good to come and engage in the league of legend games (Stokes & Williams, 2015).

It also helps people to actually malt-task because for those who are playing the game of league of legend they have realized that you will have to do six things at a time. And this can be applied in real life situation in our daily activities (Donaldson, 2017).

The game has also some of the negative effects to those who are playing the game. The game is actually very addictive to the players and this has caused a lot of the problems to even families. It has actually interfered with the school most of the students who are addicted to the game find it even difficult to concentrate on their school work hence leads to poor performance in schools. Some of the people have been actually fired from work because they fail to perform well in their workplaces because they are addicted to the game to an extent that they cannot concentrate to do their work well. Some of the people have even turned down the social invitations because in favor of the game (Stokes & Williams, 2015).

This happens because they feel the game is much important than the social gathering with their families and friends. It also interferes with the sleeping habits of the people rendering them to poor sleeping habits because they end up playing the games until late in the night and this has even led to some conditions of illness because of no proper sleeping. Some have also lost interest in their daily activities just because they are addicted to the game they don’t find it easy to do their work in time because they spend most of the time playing the game rendering them to become lazy and perform poorly in everything that they do. This is actually very dangerous because coordinating daily activities becomes a problem (Kou, GUI & Kow, 2016).

As much as these games are good to some extent but we also have to take care of the side effects that they cause to the people because some families are even having chaos because of the games whereby every other person in the family does not focus in the routines of the house and they don’t pay attention to each other since most of the things they do is just to play games in their computers and smartphones and tablets. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that we don’t lose interest in our daily chores and activities (North, Sahin, Daniel & Tamo, 2017).


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