Project #3: IT Security Controls Baseline for Red Clay Renovations

Project #3: IT Security Controls Baseline for Red Clay Renovations

To ensure compatibility with existing policy and documentation, Red Clay Renovations’ IT Security policies, plans, and procedures will continue to use the following security control classes (management, operational, technical), as defined in NIST SP 800-53 rev 3 (p. 6).

Security Controls Baseline

Red Clay Renovations Security Controls Baseline shall include the security controls listed below. Security control definitions and implementation guidance shall be obtained from the most recent version of NIST Special Publication 800-53, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations.

1. AC: Access Controls (Technical Controls Category)

AC-1 Access Control Policy and Procedures AC-1
AC-2 Account Management AC-2 (1) (2) (3) (4)
AC-3 Access Enforcement AC-3
AC-4 Information Flow Enforcement AC-4
AC-5 Separation of Duties AC-5
AC-6 Least Privilege AC-6 (1) (2) (5) (9) (10)
AC-7 Unsuccessful Logon Attempts AC-7
AC-8 System Use Notification AC-8
AC-11 Session Lock AC-11 (1)
AC-12 Session Termination AC-12
AC-14 Permitted Actions without Identification or Authentication AC-14
AC-17 Remote Access AC-17 (1) (2) (3) (4)
AC-18 Wireless Access AC-18 (1)
AC-19 Access Control for Mobile Devices AC-19 (5)
AC-20 Use of External Information Systems AC-20 (1) (2)
AC-21 Information Sharing AC-21
AC-22 Publicly Accessible Content AC-22

2. AT: Awareness and Training (Operational Controls Category)

AT-1 Security Awareness and Training Policy and Procedures AT-1
AT-2 Security Awareness Training AT-2 (2)
AT-3 Role-Based Security Training AT-3
AT-4 Security Training Records AT-4

3. AU: Audit and Accountability (Technical Controls Category)

AU-1 Audit and Accountability Policy and Procedures AU-1
AU-2 Audit Events AU-2 (3)
AU-3 Content of Audit Records AU-3 (1)
AU-4 Audit Storage Capacity AU-4
AU-5 Response to Audit Processing Failures AU-5
AU-6 Audit Review, Analysis, and Reporting AU-6 (1) (3)
AU-7 Audit Reduction and Report Generation AU-7 (1)
AU-8 Time Stamps AU-8 (1)
AU-9 Protection of Audit Information AU-9 (4)
AU-10 Non-repudiation Not Selected
AU-11 Audit Record Retention AU-11
AU-12 Audit Generation AU-12

4. CA: Security Assessment and Authorization (Management Controls Category)

CA-1 Security Assessment and Authorization Policies and Procedures CA-1
CA-2 Security Assessments CA-2 (1)
CA-3 System Interconnections CA-3 (5)
CA-5 Plan of Action and Milestones CA-5
CA-6 Security Authorization CA-6
CA-7 Continuous Monitoring CA-7 (1)
CA-9 Internal System Connections CA-9

5. CM: Configuration Management (Operational Controls Category)

CM-1 Configuration Management Policy and Procedures CM-1
CM-2 Baseline Configuration CM-2 (1) (3) (7)
CM-3 Configuration Change Control CM-3 (2)
CM-4 Security Impact Analysis CM-4
CM-5 Access Restrictions for Change CM-5
CM-6 Configuration Settings CM-6
CM-7 Least Functionality CM-7 (1) (2) (4)
CM-8 Information System Component Inventory CM-8 (1) (3) (5)
CM-9 Configuration Management Plan CM-9
CM-10 Software Usage Restrictions CM-10
CM-11 User-Installed Software CM-11

6. Contingency Planning (Operational Controls Category)

CP-1 Contingency Planning Policy and Procedures CP-1
CP-2 Contingency Plan CP-2 (1) (3) (8)
CP-3 Contingency Training CP-3
CP-4 Contingency Plan Testing CP-4 (1)
CP-5 Withdrawn
CP-6 Alternate Storage Site CP-6 (1) (3)
CP-7 Alternate Processing Site CP-7 (1) (2) (3)
CP-8 Telecommunications Services CP-8 (1) (2)
CP-9 Information System Backup CP-9 (1)
CP-10 Information System Recovery and Reconstitution CP-10 (2)

7. IA: Identification and Authentication (Technical Controls Category)

IA-1 Identification and Authentication Policy and Procedures IA-1
IA-2 Identification and Authentication (Organizational Users) IA-2 (1) (2) (3) (8) (11) (12)
IA-3 Device Identification and Authentication IA-3
IA-4 Identifier Management IA-4
IA-5 Authenticator Management IA-5 (1) (2) (3) (11)
IA-6 Authenticator Feedback IA-6
IA-7 Cryptographic Module Authentication IA-7
IA-8 Identification and Authentication (Non-Organizational Users) IA-8 (1) (2) (3) (4)

8. IR: Incident Response (Operational Controls Category)

IR-1 Incident Response Policy and Procedures IR-1
IR-2 Incident Response Training IR-2
IR-3 Incident Response Testing IR-3 (2)
IR-4 Incident Handling IR-4 (1)
IR-5 Incident Monitoring IR-5
IR-6 Incident Reporting IR-6 (1)
IR-7 Incident Response Assistance IR-7 (1)
IR-8 Incident Response Plan IR-8

9. MA: Maintenance (Operational Controls Category)

MA-1 System Maintenance Policy and Procedures MA-1
MA-2 Controlled Maintenance MA-2
MA-3 Maintenance Tools MA-3 (1) (2)
MA-4 Nonlocal Maintenance MA-4 (2)
MA-5 Maintenance Personnel MA-5

10. MP: Media Protection (Operational Controls Category)

MP-1 Media Protection Policy and Procedures MP-1
MP-2 Media Access MP-2
MP-3 Media Marking MP-3
MP-4 Media Storage MP-4
MP-5 Media Transport MP-5 (4)
MP-6 Media Sanitization MP-6
MP-7 Media Use MP-7 (1)

11. PE: Physical and Environmental Protection (Operational Controls Category)

PE-1 Physical and Environmental Protection Policy and Procedures PE-1
PE-2 Physical Access Authorizations PE-2
PE-3 Physical Access Control PE-3
PE-4 Access Control for Transmission Medium PE-4
PE-5 Access Control for Output Devices PE-5
PE-6 Monitoring Physical Access PE-6 (1)
PE-8 Visitor Access Records PE-8
PE-9 Power Equipment and Cabling PE-9
PE-10 Emergency Shutoff PE-10
PE-11 Emergency Power PE-11
PE-12 Emergency Lighting PE-12
PE-13 Fire Protection PE-13 (3)
PE-14 Temperature and Humidity Controls PE-14
PE-15 Water Damage Protection PE-15
PE-16 Delivery and Removal PE-16
PE-17 Alternate Work Site PE-17

12. PL: Planning (Management Controls Category)

PL-1 Security Planning Policy and Procedures PL-1
PL-2 System Security Plan PL-2 (3)
PL-4 Rules of Behavior PL-4 (1)
PL-8 Information Security Architecture PL-8

13. PS: Personnel Security (Operational Controls Category)

PS-1 Personnel Security Policy and Procedures PS-1
PS-2 Position Risk Designation PS-2
PS-3 Personnel Screening PS-3
PS-4 Personnel Termination PS-4
PS-5 Personnel Transfer PS-5
PS-6 Access Agreements PS-6
PS-7 Third-Party Personnel Security PS-7
PS-8 Personnel Sanctions PS-8

14. RA: Risk Assessment (Management Controls Category)

RA-1 Risk Assessment Policy and Procedures RA-1
RA-2 Security Categorization RA-2
RA-3 Risk Assessment RA-3
RA-5 Vulnerability Scanning RA-5 (1) (2) (5)

15. SA: System and Services Acquisition (Management Controls Category)

SA-1 System and Services Acquisition Policy and Procedures SA-1
SA-2 Allocation of Resources SA-2
SA-3 System Development Life Cycle SA-3
SA-4 Acquisition Process SA-4 (1) (2) (9) (10)
SA-5 Information System Documentation SA-5
SA-8 Security Engineering Principles SA-8
SA-9 External Information System Services SA-9 (2)
SA-10 Developer Configuration Management SA-10
SA-11 Developer Security Testing and Evaluation SA-11

16. SC: System and Communications Protection (Technical Controls Category)

SC-1 System and Communications Protection Policy and Procedures SC-1
SC-5 Denial of Service Protection SC-5
SC-7 Boundary Protection SC-7
SC-8 Transmission Confidentiality SC-8
SC-18 Mobile Code SC-18
SC-19 Voice Over Internet Protocol SC-19
SC-28 Protection of Information at Rest SC-28
SC-39 Process Isolation SC-39

17. SI: System and Information Integrity (Operational Controls Category)

SI-1 System and Information Integrity Policy and Procedures SI-1
SI-2 Flaw Remediation SI-2 (2)
SI-3 Malicious Code Protection SI-3 (1) (2)
SI-4 Information System Monitoring SI-4 (2) (4) (5)
SI-5 Security Alerts, Advisories, and Directives SI-5
SI-7 Software, Firmware, and Information Integrity SI-7 (1) (7)
SI-8 Spam Protection SI-8 (1) (2)
SI-10 Information Input Validation SI-10
SI-11 Error Handling SI-11
SI-12 Information Handling and Retention SI-12
SI-16 Memory Protection SI-16

18. PM: Program Management (Management Controls Family)

PM-1 Information Security Program Plan all
PM-2 Senior Information Security Officer all
PM-3 Information Security Resources all
PM-4 Plan of Action and Milestones Process all
PM-5 Information System Inventory all
PM-6 Information Security Measures of Performance all
PM-7 Enterprise Architecture all
PM-8 Critical Infrastructure Plan all
PM-9 Risk Management Strategy all
PM-10 Security Authorization Process all
PM-11 Mission/Business Process Definition all
PM-12 Insider Threat Program all
PM-13 Information Security Workforce all
PM-14 Testing, Training, and Monitoring all
PM-15 Contacts with Security Groups and Associations all
PM-16 Threat Awareness Program all

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