Project Management : Project charter and plan Southern Care hospital Case study

Project Management : Project charter and plan Southern Care hospital Case study

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3Project Description

3Project Assumptions and Constraints

3Project Milestone Timeline Chart

3Stakeholder Register

4Project Approval Procedure

Project Description

The project description is a summary of the project and the deliverables or outcomes expected as a result of conducting the project. The project description typically includes a statement of the purpose of the project and the justification for undertaking the project from a business perspective. It also includes project objectives, high-level requirements, and how project success will be measured.

Write a project description based on Part 1 of the “St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility” case study. The project description should:

· State the purpose and justification for the project.

· Describe the objectives of the project.

· Describe the high-level requirements for the project.

· Describe the tangible measures of project success.

(3–4 paragraphs)

Project Assumptions and Constraints

Project assumptions are factors that may be true but are not confirmed and can impact the project. Constraints are factors that impose limits or boundaries on the project.

Summarize the assumptions and constraints for the project that are described in Part 1 and Part 2 of the “St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility” case study. To complete this part of the project:

· Describe the assumptions for the project.

· Describe the constraints for the project.

(2–3 paragraphs)

Project Milestone Timeline Chart

Project milestones represent significant points or events in the project lifecycle. In the project schedule Gantt chart, milestones are represented with durations of 0 and a symbol such as a diamond. For many projects, a milestone timeline chart is developed as a visual that is typically used to communicate to executive stakeholders who most likely won’t want to see the detailed schedule.

Refer to Part 3 of the “St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility” case study.

After much consideration, it was decided that construction of the assisted living facility (ALF) would begin on March 1, 2000. Given that, the construction of the first 45 units would be complete by May 1, 2001 and all construction would be complete by June 4, 2001. The project would be finished and the buildings ready for residents by July 30, 2001. To complete this part of the project:

· Prepare a milestone timeline chart based on Table 4, the “St. Dismas ALF Construction Project Plan,” showing the start and finish dates of the project as well as the name and finish date for each milestone in the construction project plan.

· Describe each of the project milestones in the milestone timeline chart.

Stakeholder Register

A stakeholder is any individual, group, or organization that may have influence over the direction of a project and/or may be impacted by the result of a project. The stakeholder register is created out of the “Identify Stakeholder” process. It typically includes at least the stakeholder’s name, organization they are associated with, title, role in the project, and whether or not they are internal or external stakeholders.

Create a stakeholder register based on Part 1 and Part 2 of the “St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility” case study. To complete the Stakeholder Register:

· List the names, organizations, and titles of all individuals or entities that may be involved in the project. Indicate whether each stakeholder is internal or external to the project organization and what role each will fulfill on the project.

Name Organization Title Role Internal/External

Project Approval Procedure

The project approval procedure is a formalized process for obtaining stakeholder approval and sign-off before the project team can proceed to the next step in the project. Stakeholder approval is typically required at milestones in the project when major project deliverables are completed.

Using the milestone timeline chart created above, describe the approval process for the project. To complete this part of the project:

· Indicate who will approve each of the milestones in the timeline chart, and describe how the approvals will be obtained.

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