Project Management – Risk Management Planning

Project Management – Risk Management Planning

Sources of project risks during the planning phase 1. Management Risks 1.1. Senior management requirements Change on requirements
1.2. Guest list Changes to the guest list
1.3. Event promotion Unexpected results from the promotion
1.4. Schedule Running behind on schedule
2. Budget Risks 2.1. Budget Going over budget
2.2. Ticketing Not selling enough tickets
2.3. Sponsorships Not finding enough sponsors
3. Logistics Risks 3.1. Venue Not finding an available venue for the desired date
3.2. Alcohol license Delays on obtaining the alcohol license or not obtaining it at all
Sources of project risks during the executing phase 4. Management Risks 4.1. Attendance Under or overestimated attendance
4.2. Guest behavior 4.2.1. Vandalism

4.2.2. Health/allergy emergencies

4.3. Food catering Cater not showing up or coming in late
4.4. Alcohol consumption 4.4.1. Minors consuming alcohol

4.4.2. Guest under the influence

5. Logistics Risks 5.1. Entertainment 5.1.1. Entertainment not meeting the expectations

5.1.2. Entertainment not showing up

5.2. Facilities management 5.2.1 Running out of bathroom supplies

5.2.2 Running out of kitchen supplies

5.2.3 Waste and disposal management

5.3. Technical equipment 5.3.1. Electrical outage

5.3.2. Entertainment equipment not working

5.3.3. Kitchen equipment not working

5.3.3. Other facility’s equipment not working

5.4. Security 5.4.1 Uninvited people trying to access the venue

5.4.2 Security not being enough for the amount of people at the party

6. External Risks 6.1. Weather 6.1.1. Weather changes

6.1.2. Natural disasters

6.2. Access to venue Roads closure
6.3. Neighborhood 6.3.1 Neighbors complaining about the noise

6.3.2 Neighbors sabotaging the party

Sources of project risks during the closing phase 7. Budget Risks 7.1. Venue conditions 7.1.1 Cleaning crew now showing up

7.1.2. Damages to the venue

7.2. Vendors 7.2.1 Vendors overcharges

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