Rainer Strack’s research on the global workforce crisis

Rainer Strack’s research on the global workforce crisis



In the lecture, Rainer Strack mainly talks about people will face the big challenge, that is the expectation of workforce crisis of 2030, including labor shortage and small mismatch and the enterprise should attract and retain talents, such as understanding preferences of employees.

Rainer Strack illustrates that labors surplus in Italy, the US and France in 2020 by analyzing the chart. However, people will face the global workplace crisis in 2030 so how to deal with this situation. A lot of people believe that robots, automations and technology will deal with labor shortage. In fact, it could just relieve the labor shortage but it cannot eliminate because when technology replaces a lot of works there will produce new jobs and new skills that need people to do. Therefore, the labor shortage still exists and people recognize that high-skilled employees and talent are the most important factor to deal with the labor shortage and small mismatch.

Most of people believe that salaries are the most important factor to influence people to choose the job. In fact, the answer is not. Employees care about these factors, including good relationship with superior, good work-life balance, good relationship with colleagues and appreciation for your work. We can find that the first rank is appreciation for your work, it means that employees should love and enjoy their works firstly and the work make people feel happiness and comfortable. Therefore, managers should let employees thinks that they are a part of the firm and they are needed, such as, assets, not cost. You know, talents are the key point to deal with the labor shortage so more and more enterprise should pay more attention to do maintain talents plan.

According to the sentence from Ted lecture, that really resonates with me. “Employees are resources, are assets, not cost, not head counts, not machines, not even the Germans”. In my opinion, employees are the key to decide whether the enterprise will successful or not. Did you remember the last lecture-how people inspire other people and their actions? If managers hire employees who believe what you believe, they will not only pay their labor and time but also pay their blood, tears and sweat to do it. Only the enterprise has loyal employees, they will put more passion in the work and they will create more values, profits and painstaking efforts because they love and enjoy their works. Therefore, managers shouldn’t believe that employees is just cost, head counts, machines and even the Germans. The enterprise should study foster the relationship with employees and attract and retain more and more employees who are high-skilled because that excellent employees are the most valuable wealth to the enterprises. On the contrary, if managers just think that send me more these Germans and they work like machines. And they believe that employees are cost and machines to create profits to me, that really terrible and the enterprise will miss a host of employees who have high-skilled. To sum up, the enterprise must realize the importance of employees and understand how to attract and retain talents, in addition, how to foster the relationship with employees.


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