It is customary for students to write a short essay the first day of a writing class.

So, we have a short video for you to watch and then write on.

While you are watching this video (and you may want to watch it more than once), please pay attention to content on the following topics

1. youth mentors

2. teachers as mentors

3. poor teachers

4. The comment “You are Lisa Simpson”

5. Child’s relationship with the father

6. Mr. Bergstrom’s comment about being middle class, “Anyone who really cares will abandon you for those who need it more”.

7. Children from homes where parents have less education than their children

The video contains clips from a Simpson’s episode and is about 20 min.

Dustin Hoffman is the voice for Mr. Bergstrom. Some say this is the only Simpsons episode that is not funny. There is also reference to a famous scene from film The Graduate.

Your assignment is to write 400 words on ONE of the seven topics (listed above). It is best if you write about your own experience. This is not a research assignment – do not use any outside sources. However, be sure to refer to the video and cite the video in your essay. Specifically, attach a reference page for the video. In this case, we are providing the citation and reference for you, but after this you will be citing your sources yourself.

How to save your file: Your Name Writing Sample.docx (One point penalty for not doing this.)

How to upload your file: upload your paper to Turnitin with the same file name as the submission name: Your Name Writing Sample (one point penalty for failing to do this)

Link to Video for Writing Sample

(if you have trouble viewing this, try changing browsers and/or download it to your computer first.)

Here is the citation and reference to use in your essay.

Reference (on a separate page attached to your essay):

Groening, M. (Writer) & Moore, R. (Director) (1991). Lisa’s substitute. [Television Series episode]. In L. Adamson (Producer), The Simpsons: Los Angeles: Fox Studios.

In-text citation (when you cite the video in your essay)

(Groening & Moore, 1991)

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