read directions below; due 7/5/18

read directions below; due 7/5/18


What lovely sentiments to your husband. I too wrote about my soul mate because that was the easiest for me to write about! What you wrote is literally what my fiancée and I have talked about at length.

So I love the words and picture you draw out in our minds.

I was wondering which one was free verse and which one was closed-form? I could not find the rhyme scheme in them so are they both free verse?

In the “My Love” piece I do no know if you want to put any punctuation or if its all supposed to run together or if it is a stylistic choice.


“The days have grown brighter/ since (the day) you cam into my life.”

I kind of like when the lines flow together instead of end in short sentences. But again that may be a stylistic choice.  This is one reason why I think critiquing poetry is so difficult because its so open to interpretation.

Overall what a lovely piece you have written.

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