read directions below; due 7/5/18

read directions below; due 7/5/18

My childhood was freedom

Dancing in a meadow,

Collecting tadpoles and daisies in the day

Catching fireflies and stardust at night

Whispering secrets in between giggles

My childhood was running through

Violent downpours of fat raindrops

Writing love notes that would never be sent

Searching for the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt

My childhood was building forts

And initiating mock wars with plastic swords and spears

My childhood was fleeting



A Final Prayer

By Aimee Bean


She wakes, in her tiny brown house down the hill

Bones are sore, joints are stiff, the house is still

The sun fills her room with twinkling, bright rays

Obligation stitched to her soul, she kneels to praise

“Thankful for another day of this precious, dear life “,

She whispers gratitude for “deliverance through strife”,

Sorrow is hers as she pleads to be forgiven

Smile through pain, she knows its mercy He has given

Her wrinkled, wind-beaten hands are lifted in the air

Eyes shut tight, tears stream down, she continues the prayer

“Please cast away my doubts and fears,

For I’ve been a faithful servant all these years”,

Lastly, she names her family, one by one

Then In the name of Jesus, she considers it done.

One last “Amen”, the woman lies back in her bed

Content and pleased with all that’s been said

Ailing and weary, still a beautiful day

Smile on her face, she slowly drifts away.

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