Research on an endangered species.

Research on an endangered species.

12 points STASIS (TO STOP) THEORY: for intro: start with a sad story about the animal….maybe use a news account.

An sit (is it happening?) Quid sit (define what is exactly happening? What do you name it?) Quale sit (what is its quality? How good/bad is it?)
1. Problem The Liger/koalas/youtube: Is there a problem happening with the Liger. It’s disappearing….(your sources would prove it’s disappearing; to what extent are they disappearing…. They are disappearing.

They should be classified as endangered: orange. (debate endangered; yellow) :find a source that identifies the definition of ‘endangered’

How bad is red endangerment for the species in particular. (sources would show how bad the current state is and how to get out of it)
2. Blame Is there someone or something to blame? Highly specific (please for this assignment don’t blame global warming and environment) What are you blaming it or them for? Specify exactly. If it’s business, name the business etc. What bad is the crime? Is it worthy of warning, fine, imprisonment?
3. Cure Is there a cure? Is there someone are something that can fix the problem? What exactly must be done, and what exactly will be fixed? How would you know? You must see research on how similar things were done for other species? How beneficial is the solution/the fix. To what extent will the problem be cured? (compare a project done with the sea-rat and use that to predict the solution for the liger.
4. Cost Is there a cost? Think of cost in terms of $$$ and time, and “opportunity” (find a real budget, put in real amounts and a budget column) What exactly is the cost? What is the cost of doing nothing…(don’t be too sweeping; “if we do nothing all the ligers will die”) How worthwhile or valuable will it be?

Conclusion 1: really make a step by step budget (be specific)

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