Research Paper Assignment Instructions

Research Paper Assignment Instructions

Class Paper Outline –

I will be interviewing a manager of a Self-Help Addiction Rehabilitation facility in my local area. I will message you the website of the company.

Objective:  The Class Paper is designed to be a capstone assignment, which clearly demonstrates your knowledge of the material in this course, and as such you will be required to call upon all of the teachings within this course.

Value:  The Class Paper is worth 20% of your grade or 100 points.

How to Succeed?:  If you go to the table of contents in the Organizational Behavior textbook, you will find each of the chapters focuses on how a company can use organizational behavior principles to improve overall corporate long-term success.  In this paper, I am going to ask you to select one of these chapters and conduct research on the concepts presented in the chapter so you become an “expert” in this phase of successful organizational behavior principles.  Armed with this expertise you are going to interview an executive about their organization and this aspect of their approach to organizational behavior.


For example, in Chapter 2 it discusses the importance of “Diversity in Organizations” and the two major forms of workplace diversity.  I would expect you to research one of the learning objectives outlined for you in this chapter and be prepared to talk to the executive of your choosing about how aspect of organizational behavior has been (or not) implemented within their current or past organization.  This is going to require you to not only research the topic but the industry as well.  You are to research this topic (using references outside of the textbook) to gain a level of knowledge and understanding significant enough to engage in a discussion/interview of a business executive on the chapter topic you have selected.

Please note that you do not interview someone that is related to you and or who works for your company.  I am looking for this assignment to broaden your perspective!

I require at least seven additional resources for your advanced research on your topic (be sure that you DO NOT use the textbook or Wikipedia as a primary source). Armed with this research, you will be equipped to effectively draft your questions and conduct your discussion/interview.

Once you have completed your research and developed your questions you are to interview a successful businessperson to determine the effectiveness of this aspect or organizational behavior within their company – in particular the chapter topic you have selected for this paper.  Since you will be armed with your knowledge of the subject I would ask you to also do research on the industry that your executive is working in.  This will help you better understand the impact of your chapter topic and enhance your ability to come up with appropriate questions.

This research on the industry and a component of organizational behavior will provide you a practical perspective of the topic you have selected and offer you an appreciation for the difficulty in how to effectively integrate these important aspects of leading a successful organization.

The goal of this paper is for you to have an open and frank discussion with a successful business person (Director or Vice President) to get a real life perspective of how the study of organizational behavior really impacts the success of an organization.  Through this exchange you can provide a knowledgeable, research perspective and your interviewee can provide a practical and real world perspective on the topic.  You will cover both your perspective and that of the person you are interviewing – noting similarities and or differences and commenting on why.

You are to have a minimum of 15 pages of typewritten material – more is fine. You should minimally cover:

· Background on why you chose your topic

· Profile of the person you are interviewing (I will need the name and contact information of the person you interview to confirm the interview) including their title, education and former positions held (with their current or former employers).  Be sure to provide a profile of the company as well.

· Research on the current and future factors affecting your chosen topic (your research) you have chosen including the topic and the industry

· Conclusion – final thoughts on the results of your research and interview (Did you learn more from your research or the interview?)

Paper Guidelines: Your paper should be a minimum of 15 pages long, not including but requiring:

· Title Page

· Table of Contents

· References clearly noted

· Numbered pages

· Bibliography

· Written using the APA guidelines (Please check the APA link on the navigation bar of the course tool for help in properly writing and referencing your work. Warning: if you do not follow the APA guidelines or you have misspelled words and or grammar errors you will be marked down!)


Getting Started!  The end of the semester seems so far away but the weeks will go fast so you need to pick your chapter/subject early so you can get started on your research – which will be the basis for your interview questions.  You should also start thinking about which you are going to interview so you can schedule the time to conduct a comprehensive interview.  You may want to send your interviewee the questions before the interview so they have time to reflect.  I am willing to have you select two interviewees for this paper if it is easier for you to meet with two separate people.

Final Comments!  Once you are done with this assignment, I want you to have a theory-based and practical perspective of the study of the strategic planning process.  Please note that I am looking for a “balanced” paper – a well-written paper with substance that is based on outstanding research and a great interview.

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