Research Project Instructions

Research Project Instructions

Complete the following steps:

Compose a research project based on the data and analyses of SPSS data file ResearchReportData.sav. Use the Arm Span project available in Blackboard as a guide with regard to appearance and overall structure.

The project should address the following research questions:

Question #1: Is there a significant relationship between age and handwashing time? (The statistical test required to answer this question is part of the SPSS 4 assignment).

Question #2: Do males and females handwashing times differ significantly?

(The statistical test required to answer this question is presented in the Week 5 SPSS assignment. (Apply the test to the ResearchReportData.sav). Remember to provide justification for your decision to use either a parametric or non-parametric test. (hint: normality tests – Week 3 SPSS assignment).

For references – all that is required is at least two references supporting the fact that handwashing times are important. They should be easy to find and intergrated into the Introduction.


Remember the following:

Each research question requires a correctly stated null and alternative hypothesis.

Any table, picture, or figure presented in the results must be discussed in the Discussion section.

Tables should be reformatted to AMA specs.

This report need not be long. A simple straightforward narrative is all that is required. Only provide tables and figures that address the research question and other statistical considerations (i.e. distribution normality).

Pay particular attention to the proper labeling, captioning, and formatting of tables and figures. The format of SPSS tabular output will need to be modified once the tables have been transferred to the Word document.

The Research Project paper must include:

Cover Page:

Title, author, contact information, and affiliations. Submit as part of the Introduction assignment.


The abstract must briefly describe the research, summarize the results, and state the relevant findings. Submit as part of the final submission.


Introduce the research problem and provide background information on the research problem. The introduction does not need to be lengthy. Include at least two relevant references. Be sure to include the cover page.


Describe the methods used for analysis and why they were used.

Use convenience sampling as the sampling method.

Remember to use past tense-the report is written as if the study has already been conducted.

Be sure to include any tests for normality and other assumptions if indicated.

Also include the null and alternative hypotheses to be tested.

The methods section should be written in such a way that a reasonably knowledgeable reader could replicate the study by following the methods as written.


In this section, present your results. Keep in mind that any table or figure presented in the results must be discussed in the discussion section. Therefore, it is best to only present information directly relating to describing the sample and addressing the research question and hypotheses, data normality, outliers, etc.

Each table and figure must be correctly labeled and captioned, and there must also be a brief sentence or two describing what is contained in the figure or table. However, do not provide interpretation in the results section, as that is done in the discussion section.

Discussion and Final Submission:

In this section, discuss and interpret results presented in the results section, implications, study limitations, and recommendations for practice and research. Be sure to include the abstract.

The maximum total world count is 2,500 words (not including the cover page, abstract, tables, or references). There is no minimum word requirement. However, there needs to be enough information for the project to be complete, cogent, and understandable.

Each assignment pertaining to the research project is graded separately and feedback provided when needed.

The final submission rubric is more heavily weighted toward the discussion and abstract, as they are not previously included in any of the assignments.

Submit your Introduction section by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.

Submit your Methods section by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.

Submit your Results section by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.

Submit your Final Submission by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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