One important kind of research is called “argument-driven” research. Put another way, sources are used not merely to summarize info on a topic. Instead, it is has a purpose to convince and persuade readers. This research paper will allow you not only to learn introductory research skills but also to learn and practice the 12-points of argument as outlined in ‘stasis theory’ (explained in class Monday, June 25 only; lecture notes were sent as well on June 25).

Choose a topic to research from the following:

(1) An endangered species

(2) Workplace safety

Length: 800words min-1200 words max You must organize your paper into four main sections (problem, blame, cure, cost) Tip: incorporate all content and style principles from course theory. Label any 10 style devices, include at least 1 imitation style from exotic sentences and 1 from the imitation chapter.

1000 Words

Topic: Snow Leopard

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