Respond to both Apa 200 words and ref for each

Respond to both Apa 200 words and ref for each


Customer loyalty is derived from the customers clear understanding of the company’s purpose of existence. Several less expensive options and competitive brands are available, but the customer chose you, the company. The connection or relationship that is created by the customer and the company is built on value, integrity, defined mission, and focused vision.             A mission statement is an important declaration of the direction of a company. The mission statement should provide direction of strategic vision and how the company will implement their vision (David & David, 2017). In regards to this discussion, my preference and the best mission statement belongs to Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s mission statement captures eight characteristics, with the exception of “technology”. Domino’s viably talks about their purpose behind how they will achieve their mission in every one of the groupings. Regarding motivation, Mattel’s statement is persuasive and humanitarian in their statements to have any kind of effect through their altruistic activities. There isn’t mention of what they produce and what action they will take to achieve their goals and remain profitable.


The Pizza Hut mission statement was the best one to me. The mission statement included the customers, shareholder, and the employees all in one. The other mission statement just state the company mission and services they provided that it.  Pizza Hut make sure that catering to the customer was the one thing.  The way they describes how the customers “I’ll be back” is confidence in their service and product.  Pizza Hut is still going strong in the pizza business today.

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