Risk managment

Risk managment

Part 1

Please describe the process you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project due in Unit 5 and present a brief outline indicating how you intend to organize the project deliverable. Please review the process and outlines of other students, providing objective feedback that will help strengthen the effectiveness of their efforts and the quality of the finished product.

Part 2

Financial markets are the forums in which buyers and sellers of financial assets such as stocks and bonds, and commodities such as grains, oil and gold, meet. Because there are uncertainties of outcome, organizations must develop strategies to manage the risk associated with it.

Write a paper of 8-10 pages on business and financial risk, as follows:

1. Identify the major business and financial risks such as interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, credit, commodity, and operational risks.

2. How do organizations measure risk and what global initiatives exist in financial risk management?

Below is an idea how the project to suppose to be answered

Major Business Risk

A. Strategic Risk

1. Define what is strategic risk

2. Explain the essence of strategic risk

3. Identify how companies handle strategic risk

B. Compliance Risk

1. Define what is Compliance Risk

2. Explain the essence of Compliance Risk

3. Identify how companies handle Compliance Risk

C. Operational Risk

1. Define what is operational risk

2. Explain the essence of operational risk

3. Identify how companies handle operational risk.

Financial Risk

A. Commodity Risk

4. Define what is commodity risk

5. Explain the essence of commodity risk

6. Identify how companies handle commodity risk

B. Credit Risk

7. Define what is credit risk

8. Explain the essence of credit risk

9. Identify how companies handle credit risk

C. Foreign Exchange Risk

10. Define what is exchange risk

11. Explain the essence of exchange risk

12. Identify how companies handle exchange risk

D. Interest Rate Risk

13. Define what is interest rate risk

14. Explain the essence of interest rate risk

15. Identify how companies handle interest rate risk

How organizations measure risk

1. How it’s measured?

2. Provide examples how organizations measure risk

3. How to determine risk tolerance.

Global Initiatives in Financial risk management

1. Define what is global initiatives is financial risk management

2. Why it is used and for what.


A. Restate topic

B. Summarize the main topics

C. Tie all the ideas together.

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