RWS 305W Application Letter and Résumé Assignment

RWS 305W Application Letter and Résumé Assignment

Locate an actual job posting in your field. Try to find a listing for the kind of organization with

which you might actually seek employment. Write or revise your resume and compose an

application letter (not a cover letter) that specifically addresses the job posting. If you graduate

this year, you will probably want to apply for a full-time, permanent position. If you are not

about to graduate, apply for an internship. If you are presently working, imagine that you have

decided to change jobs, perhaps to obtain a promotion, secure higher pay, or find more

challenging and interesting work.

To complete this assignment, you will need to do some research. You will have to find an

organization that really employs people in the kind of job you want. And you will need to learn

something about the organization so you can persuade them that you are knowledgeable about

what they do. Many employers post company web sites. If the sources you find do not give the

name of some specific person to whom you can address your letter, call the organization to ask

for the name of the employment director or the manager of the particular department in which

you would like to work.

If you do not have much actual workplace or internship experience, pay special attention to the

functional section of our resume PowerPoint. When writing your application letter, follow the

three-paragraph format that is also discussed in the PowerPoint.

The appearance of your letter and résumé will influence a reader, as will your attention to such

details as grammar and spelling. Keep the formatting simple, but neat. You may, if you would

like, use one of the formats we discussed as a template for your resume. Use block-formatting for

your letter. You will be uploading it to which will convert it to pdf. Submit a three-

page document with a copy of the job posting text on the first page, the application letter on the

second, and your résumé on the third. It must be a complete document. Turnitin will only accept

one file at a time.

Criteria for Evaluation

1. Does your resume present enough information about your work history and/or abilities to give a prospective employer a fairly comprehensive summary of your qualifications?

2. Have you presented your qualifications in a way that they highlight specific and, when appropriate, quantifiable accomplishments and are they presented using active, parallel


3. Have you formatted your resume to look professional, with generous margins, clear type, clear organization, and vertical elements, such as bulleted lists, aligned accordingly?

4. Does the application letter draw attention to the resume by effectively connecting your skills to the specific needs of this organization?

5. Has the resume and application letter been edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and

stylistic errors to the extent that they represent the applicant’s attention to detail and


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