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Sample post

Olivia Philpot posted Jun 14, 2018 2:14 PM


I felt a connection to the chapter 2 case study that focused on a lack of strategy within projects. In my prior organization, I sat through countless meetings regarding the prioritization process and ways to ensure that the work that we were doing aligned with our mission. We practiced a strategy referred to as “agile” to rank our project requests and keep them on schedule.

I found it to be reassuring that SMART goals are still guidelines for objectives. It is a good reminder that with every strategy, there needs to be “specific, concrete, measurable terms” as objectives. Without these objectives, action plans, strategies, and any other approach will not have a high chance of success. I was recently asked to create an action plan for a start up company that had little direction in their approach to new project ideas. This week’s reading was a reminder of the importance of strategy and challenged me to come up with stronger objectives to my action plan.

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