You may use this website to identify a species that can be used for this discussion:

Choose an invasive, exotic organism that is found in Florida that was introduced to Florida through natural or artificial means. Be sure you know the difference between an exotic and an invasive exotic. A species is invasive when they hurt native habitats, the economy, and/or human health. Plants or animals, land based, freshwater, or marine organisms may be used. Respond to the following questions, using complete sentences and correct grammar. Show all your sources.

Identify your species with its common name and scientific name. You may include a picture, if you like.

(1) How was the species introduced and how did it spread in Florida?

(2) What are its impacts on native plants and/or animals? Why is it considered invasive?

(3) Discuss any control or eradication efforts. Are they working?

(4) Are there different ethical questions and controversies involved in attempts to eradicate (“kill”) invasive plants compared to invasive animals? Think about invasive species in general, not just the one you chose.

(5) How would you decide on an appropriate, ethical control method? Would the type of invasive animal (insect, fish, reptile, bird, mammal) play a role?

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