Scope Statement

Scope Statement

Scope Statement

Scope Statement





Table of Contents

3 1. Executive Summary

4 2. PROJECT Objective

42.1. Business Need/Opportunity/Objectives

42.2. Product Description

42.3. Deliverables

5 3. Statement OF WORK

53.1. What’s out

6 4. High-level WBS

7 5. Risks

8 6. Project Estimates

86.1. High-level budget

86.2. Stakeholders

86.3. Project Resources

9 7. Authorization

97.1. Document Version

1. Executive Summary

The main aim of the event is to make the client happy with their requirements and monitor the process of execution of the event time to time. A perfect plan is made to make the event successful. All the team members are assigned appropriate tasks couple of days before the event is to be done organized. Event is implemented considering the clients taste and requirements. Team collaboration plays a very important role in the success of this project. Work break down structure is designed to avoid any chances of risk. Flexibility is provided through out the project to implement it with shear acceptance and fulfilment.

2. PROJECT Objective

The main objective of the project is to plan and organize birthday party.

· On 31st May 2018 at 8pm in 754 Kippslane Unit – 103

· The estimated budget for the party is $4000 for 20 members

2.1. Business Need/Opportunity/Objectives/Purpose

We the GETS event organizers have planned an organization with 10 people as a team organized many parties in the city for the last couple of years. The opportunity for organizing this birthday party was through a client referral. This client personally experienced our services at a corporate party event organized by our team. This event success helps us to gain valuable standards and contacts for our organization and leads to great exposure in the community.

2.2. Product Description

The main objective of our business has always been to enhance the customer experience and meet the business goals. The benefits of doing the project help in improving the event organization standards and to increase large crowd. The opportunity is an asset to our organization as we are organizing party to the well-known family in the city.

2.3. Deliverables

The major deliverables the project will produce are:

· Backyard (This house has got a beautiful spacious backyard with gardening turning it to be a best place for conducting parties)

· Invitation

· Catering

· Lightning

· Bar section

· Music

· Dance floor

· Events for entertainment

· Gifts

· Additional staff for serving food and beverages.

3. Statement OF WORK

The purpose of this project is to get a large exposure in the city as the event is done for a very known family who has already experienced our services at many different events. We provide client the best Services in making the client happy. Firstly, we take into consideration of the client requirements and organize it according the client and provide the best quality regarding the essence of their taste.

3.1. What’s out

The client receives the best services from the event and good compliments from his party members for the party making success in each aspect including catering, food, gifts and many more that are included in the event. The client also chooses our organization for furthermore future parties and gives good feedback regarding the organization to his friends and family

4. High-level WBS

The high-level Work Breakdown Structure for the project is as follows:

1. Project

1.1 Planning

1.1.1 Client meeting

1.1.2 Requirements

1.1.3 Plan Layout

1.2 Catering

1.2.1 Food services

1.2.2 Bar Section

1.3 Music and Lighting

1.3.1 Music system installation

1.3.2 Lighting arrangement

1.4 Gifts and Enteratainment events

1.4.1 Purchasing return gifts

1.4.2 Plan for entertainment events

4.1. Milestones

· Making sure that the environment for making the event in the backyard is good and clean on 24th May 2018.

· Posting the invitation for the guests to be invited for the party by 28th Dec,2018

· Catering must be delivered to the event by 31st May 2018 8pm

· Drinks must be delivered by 31st May,2018 7pm

· The event place must be decorated by 31st May,2018 6pm.

5. Risks

State all high-level risking

Risk Mitigation Plan Name
Catering Experienced staff for catering and make sure one person from the event takes care about the catering Akhil Chapala
Bar Section Making sure that there are variety of drinks and sufficient drinks for the party to avoid the risk Hemanth Bammidi
Music Music with normal sound must be played to make the place pleasant and not disturbing other neighbours during the party Akhil Chapala

6. Project Estimates

6.1. High-level budget

The overall budget for the event is estimated as $4000 according to the client requirements.

6.2. Stakeholders

Name Role
Client Project Sponsor
Akhil Chapala Project Manager
Hemanth Bammidi Team Leader
Employee- 1 Team Member
Employee – 2 Team Member
Employee -3 Team Member

6.3. Project Resources

Name Role
Akhil Chapala Plan for the event
Hemanth Bammidi Catering and Bar
Employee – 1 Music and Dance floor
Employee – 2 Lightning
Akhil Chapala Gifts
Employee – 3 Entertainment events

7. Authorization

Authorized by: Project Manager

Date: 25th May 2018

Signature: ___AKHIL CHAPALA_________________________________________

7.1. Document Version

Ver # Date Name Description
1.0 22nd May, 2018 Akhil Chapala, Hemanth Bammidi Creation
1.1 24th May, 2018 Akhil Chapala, Hemanth Bammidi Update
Prepared by: AKHIL CHAPALA (0843740)


Cell: AKHIL CHAPALA – +1(519)-630-5806

HEMANTH BAMMIDI – +1(226)-224-3402

Email ID:

Phase 1 of the project is worth 10% of the final grade.  Marking Scheme
1. Executive Summary /1
2.1 Business Need/Opportunity/Objectives/Purpose /1
2.2 Product Description /1
2.3 Deliverables /1
3. Statement of Work (marked for clarity and precision) /4
4. High Level WBS /.5
5. Risks /.5
6. Responsibility Matrix /1
Total /10
Please note: The entire document must be filled in and completed to receive a full grade for this assignment. Marks will be deducted if sections of the document are not completed
Grading for grammar and mechanics throughout this report will be as follows:

.5 marks up to 5 marks will be penalized for errors






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