Semester Research Paper Topic Approval Form

Semester Research Paper Topic Approval Form

Point Allocations:

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Please note: This assignment grade cannot be made up after the midterm. It doesn’t make much sense to turn in a topic approval form, for example, a week before the paper is due. So, GET THIS IN and GET YOUR APPROVAL by the deadline. After the Midterm, this can’t be made up at all – zero points!

Name: Carolynn Nyangweso

Proposed Topic: Consumers spending behaviors based on the use of credit cards

Problem Statement: The use of credit cards encourages more spending due the convenience that technology has brought about, bank incentives, and credit score improvement

Variables being studied (ie, sales and expenses, hours studying and grades, etc): technology, bank rewards/incentives, and credit score

Hypothesis (es): Consumers who use credit cards have a tendency of spending more than those who use cash.

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