short reflect summary

short reflect summary

reflect on the summary below two-part

1   Define Over Training Syndrome and discuss some of the signs and symptoms

Athletes who train beyond what the body has ability to recover from. They go farther and exercise longer thinking they will gain more from it and be more ready for the event ahead of them. Without proper rest and allowing the body to recover like it should could only mean trouble if not careful.

These sign and symptoms that they one could face can be very serious like mild leg cramps, pains in the muscles and joints, headaches, insomnia, lack of energy, tired, and can feel drained or just washed out feeling. All the while it can also mean some more serious conditions like depression, decreased appetite, and the worse one to me would be a decrease in the immunity system that will allow you to get more colds or sore throats. These would require a Dr. care if you train beyond what the physical body will tolerate and maybe a hospital stay.

To share with my fellow classmates about any of my personal experiences with over training syndrome. To be honest i never thought i would be able to say this happen to me but it did. I am just now thinking all i was told was i was over doing it just put in another way. I was determined to be a runner and never get heavy and stay in good shape well i was young about 24 or 15 yrs old at the time and i started running as well as stretching well did it like 2 or 3 times a day i was young i could do it well i got so sore and i couldn’t move after a couple days due to my body not being use to it and i went at it all full force well lets just say that came to and end and i only did it in moderation. I learned to stretch before i do any exercises now and go slow till my body is able to take on the task of training. I also make sure i had plenty of water or Gatorade to hydrate me as i go along because having to go to a hospital and have IV’S put in you isn’t my way of hydrating my body.

part 2

that over training syndrome is partly because of prolonged, excessive training. how do you define prolonged and excessive?

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