SOC2231 Assignment – Reflection paper – DEADLINE July 18th

SOC2231 Assignment – Reflection paper – DEADLINE July 18th

Next week you will write an assignment in the form of a reflection paper about yourself and human relations. This paper needs to be typed out in a Word document, Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Citations and references are not needed. The length needs to be between 400 and 800 words (please include word count at the end of your paper). The deadline for this paper is July 18th. Please submit your paper through the link provided on Blackboard (Course Materials -> Week 13 -> Assignments).

In this reflection paper you will describe a personal challenge that you will connect to human relations, and your knowledge obtained in this course. This paper should reflect your academic growth as well as the impact of a specific event in your life.

Your paper should be divided into 4 parts:

1. Introduction: Introduce the purpose of this paper and pick a challenge that you had to face in the past year. It could be about anything you want (school, work, family, friends, religion, culture, society, etc.). I want you to describe the challenge in detail. You can write about what happened, your feelings, etc.

2. Learning process: In the next part of your paper, you’re going to describe the impact of this experience on your life. How did it change your life, your attitudes, your beliefs? What has going through this situation taught you? What were your strengths and weaknesses in going through the situation?

3. Human Relations: Connect your challenge and what you’ve learned from the experience to human relations. Use the knowledge you’ve obtained about human relations this semester. You are free to choose any direction you want to. It could involve anything from personality, self-esteem, diversity, culture, communication, leadership and everything in between.

4. Conclusion: By the time you are drawing up your conclusion it should be clear what the challenge was, what you’ve learned and what the connection is with human relations. In your conclusion you sum up by writing about how you are going to use your experiences and what you’ve learned from it in the future. How is it going to be useful in your life?

Grading Rubric

A (90-100) Excellent, nearly flawless or few minor shortcomings

B+ (85-90) Very good, but there is a problem

B (80-85) Good, but there is a major problem

C+ (75-80) Serious problems, but with some redeeming qualities

C (70-75) Fundamentally flawed, or blasé effort

D (60-70) Borderline, barely adequate; lowest passing grade

F (below 60) Incomplete, incoherent, academically dishonest or otherwise unacceptable

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