Sociology reading essay prompt

Sociology reading essay prompt

Essay Prompt 1:

Due 7/9/18

3 pages double spaced

Please read the section “Research in Real Life: Red Families and Blue Families” on page 103. After reading this section write an essay evaluating the studies cited based on the concepts and information discussed in lecture, readings, and in class activities. Make sure you respond to all the following points:

· Provide a summary of the research conducted by Cahn and Carbone (2010) and Rauch (2010).

· What was the purpose of Cahn and Carbone (2010) and Rauch’s (2010) research?

· What potential ethical issues could these researchers have run into while conducting the study?

· What are some of your proposed recommendations to address these potential ethical issues?

· How does the section “Red Families and Blue Families” address potential faulty reasoning about units of analysis?

· Choose one of the variables cited in the section. What is this variable an indicator of?

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