Statement of Purpose – Master’s in Project Management

Statement of Purpose – Master’s in Project Management

In this age of internet, advancement in information dispensation and sharing, and globalization, it is essential for one to have a refined and broad international outlook. Washington D.C. boasts of excellent cultural environment as well as advanced commercial sector. It is also sophisticated with humanities as well as technological advancements. Due to these reasons, I aspire to obtain project management knowledge at the University of District of Columbia that has robust research facilities. This will also give me opportunity to be instructed by reliable professors with outstanding research reputation. In this environmental setting, I will consistently be exposed to ideas and skills which will model me to management professional possessing unlimited potential.

My father’s industrious nature inspired me to pursue a course in project management. As a young boy, I witnessed my father running his flower vending business. He then diversified to other businesses where he opened a fast food restaurant within the neighborhoods we resided in. He is business minded and highly dedicated to his businesses. He often advised me on how to manage a business. One key thing I remember him telling me was that for a business to break-even, it need time, focus, perseverance and dedication. Therefore, as a young boy, I started absorbing several concepts and ideas concerning project management when I first supervised the design and furnishing his first fast food restaurant. After completing my high school education, I often read periodicals like Business InsiderForbes, Business Week and The Entrepreneur with interest on introducing new product in the market and how to manage product development. This inspired me further to pursue project management course because I wanted to be an entrepreneur too and I was interested in introducing unique products in the market.

My decision to pursue Masters in Project Management is to help my dad manage his business and new projects he initiates like opening a new fast food outlet because he has limited education; he only has high school degree, but he relied on his perseverance and dedication to be a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, through the professional management skills I will learn at UDC, I will be able to assist him to manage his company that currently has over 100 employees.

I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Management as well as MBA at this University, UDC. I attended several courses related to management such as Introduction to Management, Information Management, and business communication. During my time at the University, I enjoyed networking and interacting with my instructors and classmates with whom I developed positive attitude. Most importantly, during my time in the university, I learned and practiced how to patiently deal with people in need. For instance, in business communication class, we learned and practice communicating with people with disabilities and how to assist them. Due to this, I earned experience in being tolerant and patient even in frustrating and demanding situations. These experiences have offered me valuable knowledge that I can use in my future management tasks.

Besides the university experiences, I developed my skills and knowledge when I was interning at El Rey restaurant as public relations assistant and later as administrative intern. As PR assistant, I would interact with customers both on social media, and in-person. More so, I applied my communication skills by writing social media posts about the company products and responding to customers inquiries. At the administration department as an intern, I would write reports about roles and overall weekly goals achievement, and suggesting ideas on how to improve the company’s performance. I remember suggesting that the company develop a customized cakes, and energy drink targeting athletes. These positions provided me with valuable opportunities to lean about project management and apply my communication skills.

Finally, I believe that through the guidance of the leaned and experienced UDC professors, I will be able to improve my research capabilities and independent thinking. I then aspire to work as the C.E.O of my father’s company and expand it to international markets.

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