“The Proposal”

“The Proposal”

· From the literature review articles you have been collecting since Week 1 on your research topic, select one (1) article that uses the deficiencies model of an introduction as described in your text. Then, explain the gap in the research and how the author’s research informs the problem. Post the link to the article.

Choose either one that fits the above instructions

Van Hees, V., Moyson, T., & Roeyers, H. (2015). Higher education experiences of students with autism spectrum disorder: Challenges, benefits and support needs. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 45(6), 1673-1688.

VanBergeijk, E., Klin, A., & Volkmar, F. (2008). Supporting more able students on the autism spectrum: College and beyond. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 38(7), 1359.

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