The u.s history

The u.s history


History is written by people, and by that I mean that anyone who recounts the events of the past is informed by their own experience and training.  Responsible historians work very hard to control their bias, and present a story as close to “what actually happened” as possible.  Despite that, no author or media producer is completely capable of limiting their bias. The study of history requires scholars to be aware of their own bias and that of their sources, which requires you to look beyond what the printed or spoken word says to the motivation behind using those words.  The ability to identify bias is not only a valuable skill for historians, it is valuable every time you read or listen to the news, have conversations with people, prepare to vote, or numerous other situations.

After you watch the video Elbow Room, explain possible biases that you identified therein. Provide specific examples from the video.

Possible things to write about, but are not limited to:

· Attitudes towards Native Americans

· Legal justifications for expansion

· Cultural imperialism

· Definitions of civilization

· Continuing American rights to expansion

· About 3-4 pages

grading rubric: 

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