Unit: Liabilities and Owner’s Equity

Unit: Liabilities and Owner’s Equity

Assignment Overview

Type: Individual Project

Unit: Liabilities and Owner’s Equity

Due Date: Tue, 7/17/18

Deliverable Length: 1-2 pages

Students will calculate the cost that should be assigned to land, buildings, and equipment and provide the journal entry to record the acquisition of these assets.

Sam’s Corporation paid $550,000 to acquire land, building, and equipment. At the time of the acquisition, Sam paid $50,000 to have the property appraised. The following values were determined from the appraisal:

Land 180,000
Building 285,000
Equipment 175,000

Respond to the following questions:

· What cost should Sam assign to the land, buildings, and equipment, respectively?

· How should the journal entry be recorded on the corporation’s books to describe this acquisition?

· Why is it necessary to allocate a lump sum purchase amount among the individual assets acquired?

· What are the characteristics that an asset must have for it to be classified as property, plant, and equipment?

· Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) requires that property, plant, and equipment should be recorded at historical cost. What are the advantages of recording property, plant, and equipment at historical cost?

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