Urban Studies: Overview

Urban Studies: Overview

You will use SimplyAnalytics to conduct descriptive, comparative urban research on a topic of your choice. The purpose of this project is for you to learn to find, select, analyze, interpret, and represent various urban demographic, economic, health, and/or behavioral data.

You will focus on a topic such as health in cities, safety in cities, human-animal relations in cities, sustainable behavior in cities, or another topic of your choosing. You will write research questions to direct your exploration of your topic, and select five or six variables available in SimplyAnalytics to use to make findings about your topic.

Part I of your paper will compare data on your topic between two U.S. cities.

Part II of your paper will compare data on this topic within one of those cities, considering how it has changed over time. You will be paying attention to whether and how your topic has changed between two time periods.

Part III of your paper will compare data on this topic within the same city, taking income level into consideration. You will be paying attention to similarities and differences in your topic in high- and low-income areas.

Thus, your project is an inquiry about dynamics/variation in your topic over space and time.

Below you will find detailed content and format instructions for your proposal, paper, and presentation.

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