Utilitarianism and Universal Ethics

Utilitarianism and Universal Ethics

Assignment- 2


Luke, a member of staff of ABC Corporation has been asked to participate in a project to develop land. The land developed will be used to construct an entertainment retail store for adults near the neighborhood. The neighborhood where the entertainment store will be built is near Luke`s brother, Owen. The growth of the retail store will reduce the worth of possessions in the regions significantly. For that reason, Owen was given an offer for his habitat but is hopeful for advanced offer if the real estate gets better or improves in the next few eons. The ABC corporate plans to publicize the project next month.


Should Luke inform his brother, Owen the secretive information prior to the official announcement? This raises the main issue. Luke feels compelled to notify his brother, knowing that the decline in possessions worth upon the authorized publication of the scheme will have an effect on his timing of choice to marketing his home. Nevertheless, Luke has to abide by the regulations of the corporation and his contract at large. If Luke hides the information from his brother, he will miss the chance to sell his residence before the value of possessions diminishes on official announcement. If he reveals the information of the company, he will be upsetting the stockpile prices and revenues of the company. This shows that Luke is having moral issue of authenticity to his brother and the corporation.



The best recommendation is that Luke should employ Utilitarianism approach. This approach is a moral theory that states that the most excellent deed is that one that makes best use of utility. In other words it investigates which action does more excellent than damage to the stakeholders, (Utilitarianism, 2017, p.xx). From this approach Luke has to scrutinize which choice will make most value and reimbursement to the stakeholders of the corporation. If Luke decides to tell his brother about the progress plans of his company, it will benefit his brother. The information will allow Owen to accept the offer because he will be sure that he will not get a better offer once the announcement is officially publicized.

The development of Adult entertainment store will reduce the market value of Owen’s house. This makes it reasonable to accept the current offer for the home. On the other hand, the leakage of the Corporation’s development plans will harm the company. For instance, stock prices are influenced by association`s proclamation. The pronouncement could be either on issues like bankruptcy, launching of new products in the market or an inquiry among others. Additionally, leakage of company’s information may affect the organization in a negative way. Disclosed information may catch wind with opponents. This act affects the competitive benefit in their particular business. Possibly, other societal benefits and hurts may crop up if Luke`s brother discloses the information to the entire neighborhood upon hearing the plans of ABC Corporation from Luke. Other neighboring residents may decide to sell their house if they get the information.

The society may also make a decision to boycott the corporation or file a case in the court of law; this will contribute to lawful issues. .This will minimize potential customers. Luke must use Utilitarianism approach in order to know which choice to make. This means that if Luke doesn’t disclose the development plans for his company, stakeholders will not have to worry due to the probable scenarios mentioned above.

The Golden Rule

Alternatively, Luke can apply the golden rule approach which says ` Treat others how you wish to be treated` the term is well known by most folks and acknowledged as ethical philosophy which governs how individuals should treat each other, ( Gensler, 2013). ` If you want other folks to be honest to you, you should also be honest to them`. This instance can be applied in this particular situation where Luke feels obligated to inform his brother about the development plans of the company. If Luke tells his brother about his company`s plan, his brother will feel good because he will accept the current offer of the company for his house.

Alternatively, if he fails to deliver the company`s development plans to his brother the stakeholder of the company will have nothing to worry about because stock prices and revenues of the company will be good. Despite of Luke being abided by the rules of his contract and company regulations, he should inform his brother so that he can catch the opportunity of the current offer since it will benefit him.


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