Utilizing Critical Thinking Skills

Utilizing Critical Thinking Skills

Utilizing Critical Thinking Skills

Activity Due Date Format Grading Percent
Elements of Critical Thinking Day 3

(1st Post)

Discussion 4
Rough Draft Review Process Evaluation Day 7 Journal 5
Critical Thinking Quiz Day 7 Quiz 10

Learning Outcomes

This week students will:

1. Utilize critical thinking skills as applied to realistic scenarios.

2. Identify critical thinking principles and skills and apply to personal and academic experiences.


During Week 4, you will continue to reflect on your progress for the Final Paper; however, the main focus will be on developing an understanding of critical thinking skills and how they are developed through general education courses. In order to demonstrate critical thinking in the discussion forums and assignments, students must be able to interpret evidence used to support various positions. They must also demonstrate their ability to compare and contrast various positions or arguments on a specific topic. When thinking about the Final Paper, these are some areas that must be considered in order to exhibit good critical thinking skills.

In the discussion, you will describe the core critical thinking principles based on the readings for the week and give an example of good critical thinking skills and an example that lacks critical thinking skills.

The journal assignment requires you to complete at least four pages of your Final Paper and submit the rough draft to the Ashford Writing Center. Within 24 to 48 hours, you should receive feedback on your rough draft, in which you will describe the writing issues addressed by the writing specialist as well as your review of the overall process of submitting a paper.

Finally, you will complete the Critical Thinking Quiz, which provides several scenarios in which you must choose the best answer that demonstrates your critical thinking abilities.

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